Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tonight on Larry King Live -- John McCain, Jame Carville, Prof. Michael Eric Dyson, Michael Medved, Kelly Ann

I see John McCain talking about his presidential campaign and I feel he is a worthy republican, someone with a record, strength and poise and ability to rise above the conservative crap. His humility is commendible. I could see him as the President. But, we have had 8 years of republican/right wing crap and he will be battling his own party through and through as he cruises through his nomination.

So back to the real battle between Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama. Now the experts are saying Obama is not only charismatic but he has solid plans and the republicans fear him. James Carville is out and out for Hillary. He is fighting for her. Will the democrats dis-enfranchise 1.6 million votes in Michigan and Florida? I think James Carville is right. So all you voters in TX, OH and PA, fix this new wave of insanity blowing a young novice poodle with a nice bow on his head to become "best in show"!


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