Monday, February 25, 2008

Bitch is the new black - Tina Fey for Hillary Clinton on SNL

Darn it! I missed the SNL this past weekend. Tina Fey was back doing her usual humor on weekend update with Amy Poeler, with a special womens update. She went for the jugular for support for Hillary, by making this really outrageous and Hillary-ous comment 'Bitch is the new black!". SNL saw a surge in ratings this weekend, after being off for sometime because of writers strike. Here is the episode and I too hope she comes back in OH and TX.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Whats in the best interest of the children? -- Both Parents!

There is an important kids issue that is begging attention in this country. Thousands of young children in Oregon other states with out-dated family law system suffer the loss of one parent in a divorce because the it favors one parent (usually mother who is in general the primary care giver) in case that parent disagrees to equally share custody (both legal and physical) of the children. It has become a systemic problem and the system encourages mothers to refuse to share custody even though the father is willing and available.

Mothers in that case typically get sole custody and majority of parenting time and the father is marginalized to a weekend dad with little mid-week time. Kids in such situations get caught up in the middle of expensive high conflict legal battles and get hurt. Studies have shown that kids fair best when there is shared custody which gives both parent equal opportunity to be involved in their upbringing. It reduces conflict between divorcing parents.

Oregon is one of the few states where joint custody is not a rebuttable presumption and family courts are reluctant to grant equal time to both parents. The silent sufferers - the kids! Most kids in the juvenile system are from single family homes where one parent is missing. Past efforts to change this law have been thwarted by special interest lobby serving the divorce industry.

With new laws on domestic partnership in Oregon, the lines between "mom" and "dad" are even more blurried... how long will these kids suffer... Some food for thought! Its about time to change these out-dates laws and make it even and fair for both parents and keep both of them equally in their lives. Kids need a voice too and they need both parents equally involved.

Hillary - Obama CNN debate

Hillary continues her valiant fight to stay in, but her emotional comments at the end were conciliatory and showed she was willing to take the high road if he continues his winning streak and bow to the wish of the voters. I think "Change that can be xeroxed" comment was not in the best taste. She has been locked into to a defensive stand of experience as a way to distinguish herself, when she had so many moments where she could have shown her charisma. I think she could have defended her decision to vote for the war on Iraq as a decision that most of the country at that time was in support for. She had no choice - we all were foolish to buy into a foolish president. I am still voting for her. Lets see how the fight in Texas turns out. Good luck Hillary. may the force be with you.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chris Matthews Humiliates State Senator Kirk Watson on MSNBC - Huffington Post

As reported last night on Huffington Post -

"Texas State Senator Kirk Watson (D-TX) learned a lesson in preparedness Tuesday night when he was humiliated on MSNBC. Watson was on to talk about his support of Senator Obama alongside Representative Stephanie Tubbs (D-OH), who backs Senator Clinton. Watson has endorsed Obama and writes glowingly of all the things Obama will do for the country, if elected. But he was unable to answer Chris Matthews most basic demand: "Name some of his legislative accomplishments... name any..."

Read and watch more..

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama wins Wisconsin and WA

I was absorbed in fighting my own battles of daily life today, so had no time to check results of the super mini tuesday till just a few minutes ago. I caught the tail end of Larry King live and then on to Anderson 360 with his panel. He asked Paul Begala - "what is Hillary doing wrong". Paul came up with this really funny and poignant reply "She is losing". Yes, she is losing and she gotta fight back!

Another big night for Barak Obama according to Anderson. He won 58-41 in Wisconsin, and the 50-47 in WA. In total he is ahead by 60 delegates. Democrat strategists like Donna Barrize and David Gergen are saying she needs to change her speech writer, find her voice and feel she can still fight back. Clinton campaign needs to fight hard. She needs to exploit any weaknesses she can find and kick Obama's ass in the debate this Thursday and compete for votes. Is it too late - IT IS NEVER TOO LATE! According to Gergen and Donna, she cannot take anything for granted, she needs to come back to the country in a more emotional way, with a new message and inspire supporters she may have taken for granted to stay with her or come back to her. She is a fighter and tough and she really needs to get going on it. Paul Begala tells Larry King she needs to take Edward's message and draw it as a battering ram and differentiate from Obama.

On a final note, my thanks to Dan for posting a comment on the Obama's psychological profile piece. I have replied with a follow up. Please readers, I would really like some comments, opinions and conversations. There is much to be said and much to be written. I may come accross as a Hillary fanatic, but I do plan to support whoever is nominated from the democratic party. The battle has only started for the change from GWB.

And for those who feel my posts are goofy, yes they are meant to be goofy, controversial, opinionated, and provocative. We are all entitled to our opinions and I use this blog to expresss mine. I welcome comments on here about my posts.

Obama-mania, Hillary-mania -- lets all calm down and relax!

Before the next round of blood bath, on this mini super tuesday of the presidential primaries, or lets say the democratic nomination for the President, lets all take a few deep breaths, gently close our eyes, sit on the floor in a cross legged position, lift our chest and spine, roll our shoulders back, and relax and simply observe our breath as we inhale pure oxygen and exhale impure air. Now we fold our hands in a Namaste pose and then after a deep inhalation at the next exhalation, chant OM three times... OOOOHM.... OOOOHM...OOOOHM... Now place your hands on your thighs, and gently open your eyes and watch the following videos and enjoy the moment...

Monday, February 18, 2008

A psychological profile on Obama

As I immerse myself in the lefty blogosphere of Hillary and Obama blogs my head started spinning reading the poll data, the pro and con arguments for and against them, the red vs blue conversion rates, whose bite is stronger than whose bark. Ultimately boiled down to this one very simple point -- Who are these people really? and does their personality support what I would want in a president.

I had an interesting discussion with my 7 year old the other day. She like her dad has now become interested in this Hillary vs Obama race. Her entire elementary class of 120 kids (grades 1 thru 6) voted for Hillary and sent a letter to her campaign recently announcing their support and endorsement for her. She asked me point blank -- "Daddy why dont you want to vote for Obama?". I really had to think hard. I have got to know Hillary as a person for the last 16 years as a public figure. I didn't know much about Obama. How do we get to know someone like him in just a few months?

In many ways we define ourselves by our historical perspective, our educational background, principles, parents, our upbringing etc. I only recently found out that Obama's middle name was Hussain. Hillary is so commonly and casually refered to as HRC - Hillary Rodham Clinton. After I heard this, which came a surprise, I felt Obama had not truly defined himself and his identity. According to reports I have read, he has denied he his muslim, a religion from his father. I really oppose people who do that. You have two parents and you are products of their genes and heritage. My kids follow two religions, their mother and their father's. I know religion is a personal choice, but I find it hard to believe that Obama was not exposed to his father's religion.

I feel we should be proud of our heritage and what our parents represent. These are values I teach my kids. Yes, we are all american but we all came from somewhere else. Denial of that heritage is like not fully defining yourself. I told my kid that one of the things I didn't care about Obama was that he doesn't use his middle name "Hussain". He comes accross as hiding it and I don't care about that in a person. Obama calls himself black, but does he represent all that is black about him? I am not really sure about that.
That speaks volumes for me when I make an assesment of a person.

Today, in my exploration of the lefty blogosphere I found a comment with the followiing link that describes a psychological profile of Obama. It made an interesting lunch time reading and was eye opening and resonated with feelings deep inside I have for why Obama never got me as excited as Hillary Clinton. I know many polls show Obama will blow McCain out of the water. Well folks, don't under-estimate these conservatives. They will have lots of dirt to dig out to slam him.

Peace Out!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Danes are the happiest people on earth -- 60 minutes tonight

Morley Safer is doing a segment on Danish people. Recent research shows they are the most content people. Education and healthcare is free, there is no pressure in college, they are paid for parenting, subsidized child care and elderly care. They say they have "realistic expectations", 6 weeks of vacation, they love their beer and fish, but they pay 50% in taxes. Ben Shahar from Harvard University says we here in America feel that more is better, so we want it all. Over 90% of college students in the US are depressed and stressed. We are more stressed, overworked and unhappy. Americans could learn from the Danish on what happiness means, which is to be happy and have a lot of time with the family and less focus on money. Expectations folks reduces joy! Balance and realistic goals lead to more happiness. Add some yoga along with it and you have a winner.. Visit The Yogi'n Me to follow the journey of a Yogi's quest to achieve balance and happiness in his life.

Peace Out!

Click here to watch the 60 minutes segment.

Rock the Vote -- Yet another Poll, Hillary, Obama or McCain

Lets just settle this for once and all. Please look to the right and vote for the candidate of your choice Hillary, Obama or McCain....

Peace Out!

"Words do matter" -- Barak Obama

"Dont tell me words don't matter" he says in his speech in Milwaukee at a Democrat dinner last night. Yes Barak words do matter, but you have no idea what you are signing up for. Solutions, actions and experience do make a difference. One attendee stood up and applauded for Barak, but later told a CNN reporter "I liked his speech but I am voting for Clinton". Wake up Barak and partner with Hillary for a Clinton/Obama ticket which is guarenteed to win and change this nation. Actions are still louder than "words"!

Peace out!

Bobby Jindal -- A hope for the future

I am watching this 36 year old governor of Louisana being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer on CNN. A life long Republican and son of Indian immigrants he parallels Obama as a hope for the future. Bobby was in the Senate prior to be elected governor of Louisana. He has a huge challenge in front of him with New Orleans. He says he has a historic opportunity to bring changes in the state of Louisana. Right on! He has chosen the right path to get more experience and he maybe in the future he could pursue an effort to be the first Indian-American President of the United States. Experience will count and go a long way for him....


Friday, February 15, 2008

Global Warming

Jeff Ailworth at wrote a nice article on global warming, that finally got my juices going this afternoon, after a box of chocolates to kill my depressing day. I responded with energy and enthusiasm. Here was my comment on that blog.

Well a nice change to all the political mumbo-jumbo. India and China right now are the biggest culprits of global warming. Their economic growth over the last few decades (China) and the unprecedented growth in India in the last decade and for decades to come should be a warning of how rapidly global warming is going to become a problem. The combined population of just these two countries hold roughly 33% of the 6 billion globally. There is little awareness in these two nations of energy conservation, despite the fact that India still lacks adequate power and infrastructure but will be launching a $2000 car.

Imagine if we spent the $100 Billion on solar and other renewable energy investment in India and China instead. Those markets will swallow anything that gives them adequate and cheap electricity and energy, especially India. Imagine if the $2000 car was built on fuel cell technology. Millions of Indians who ride two-wheelers, will convert to this car in the next few years. Imagine some of this $100B going to rebuilding their transportation infrastructure? But alas we are victims of our own superior "I want to save the world from terrorism and oppression" policies. Will Obama or Hillary get it? I think Hillary might......

Oh and if you are looking for some information on renewable energy products visit

Peace out and may renewable enegy be your new mantra!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tonight on Larry King Live -- John McCain, Jame Carville, Prof. Michael Eric Dyson, Michael Medved, Kelly Ann

I see John McCain talking about his presidential campaign and I feel he is a worthy republican, someone with a record, strength and poise and ability to rise above the conservative crap. His humility is commendible. I could see him as the President. But, we have had 8 years of republican/right wing crap and he will be battling his own party through and through as he cruises through his nomination.

So back to the real battle between Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama. Now the experts are saying Obama is not only charismatic but he has solid plans and the republicans fear him. James Carville is out and out for Hillary. He is fighting for her. Will the democrats dis-enfranchise 1.6 million votes in Michigan and Florida? I think James Carville is right. So all you voters in TX, OH and PA, fix this new wave of insanity blowing a young novice poodle with a nice bow on his head to become "best in show"!


Presidential Election Endorsements

Last night I am watching Larry King Live and they have this ex-campaign manager of Bill Clinton, a democrat super delegate who has come out on his show to endorse Obama. He is asked by Larry == why do you choose to endorse Obama and not Hillary? His response and I paraphrase -- "Well, based on the lates polls he will win!". I just froze and reflected in that moment. These primaries are not about the best candidate for President, its about who has the best chance to "win". Did we forget the debacle in New Hampshire so quickly.

Right now there is this wave of young voters who support Obama and we are all getting caught up in this wave. Is he really the most suited and experienced candidate to be President in 2009? I don't think so. He is young, he has charisma and he is "non controversial" -- because he comes with no baggage (read NO EXPERIENCE)! Obama is the cute black poodle that we all like at the dog show. He just won a nice bow on his head of endorsements to show around. He will ride that wave right to the presidential nominations and blow Hillary out of the water. Why? Because the "polls" show more than 50% of the voters don't like Hillary Clinton. Then ofcourse he will blow John McCain out of the water because Republicans are scared of Obama but they could easily tackle Hillary.

So because the latest polls show Obama will "win" we all should join this Obama wave for change and vote for him! That is what it has boiled down to folks. We should vote for someone because he will win. Yes, I will certainly keep that high on my list when I visit the voting station, uhh.. maybe not, as this wave is so large we may not even see a primary in Oregon. And ofcourse he will win! He has made fewer mistakes. Why? because he has had no experience and history yet to make many mistakes. So no one can really point fingers at him. Thats a great reason to vote for someone. And the best reason for all -- the republicans will have an easier time blowing Hillary out of the water!!! They will unite against Hillary but fizzle against the mighty Obama!

There is no rhyme or logic behind this recent Obama wave. I just dont understand it. I like the guy, he is a great orater, polished, with presence. But will he be the greatest president? I don't think so. I think in 8 years maybe once he has some burn marks by being a Vice President.

And all of us who were rooting for Hillary and now are suddenly being "forced" to change our minds because "the country has spoken for Obama", should sit back and reflect. Hillary is a better and stronger candidate. She is controversial, but she has all the qualities to be a great President -- without Bill Clinton. Lets not get caught up in the quest for "the first black president" or "the first woman president", or for the matter put so much emphasis on change, that we forget why we need change in the first place. Lets not pick the "best in show" because this poodle is black with a bow on his head who can wag his tail better!

That folks is my opinion of the day. Kindly freely express your opinion about this topic in my comments box. They are not moderated as we live in a country of free speech. I would hope you will keep your comments focused on this subject. If you have an opinion to express I will be happy to post it on my blog. This is a blog for those who have an opinion, any opini0n for the matter.... Welcome to the no-spin free opinion zone!

Thank you

Peace Out!