Friday, February 15, 2008

Global Warming

Jeff Ailworth at wrote a nice article on global warming, that finally got my juices going this afternoon, after a box of chocolates to kill my depressing day. I responded with energy and enthusiasm. Here was my comment on that blog.

Well a nice change to all the political mumbo-jumbo. India and China right now are the biggest culprits of global warming. Their economic growth over the last few decades (China) and the unprecedented growth in India in the last decade and for decades to come should be a warning of how rapidly global warming is going to become a problem. The combined population of just these two countries hold roughly 33% of the 6 billion globally. There is little awareness in these two nations of energy conservation, despite the fact that India still lacks adequate power and infrastructure but will be launching a $2000 car.

Imagine if we spent the $100 Billion on solar and other renewable energy investment in India and China instead. Those markets will swallow anything that gives them adequate and cheap electricity and energy, especially India. Imagine if the $2000 car was built on fuel cell technology. Millions of Indians who ride two-wheelers, will convert to this car in the next few years. Imagine some of this $100B going to rebuilding their transportation infrastructure? But alas we are victims of our own superior "I want to save the world from terrorism and oppression" policies. Will Obama or Hillary get it? I think Hillary might......

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Peace out and may renewable enegy be your new mantra!

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