Thursday, February 14, 2008

Presidential Election Endorsements

Last night I am watching Larry King Live and they have this ex-campaign manager of Bill Clinton, a democrat super delegate who has come out on his show to endorse Obama. He is asked by Larry == why do you choose to endorse Obama and not Hillary? His response and I paraphrase -- "Well, based on the lates polls he will win!". I just froze and reflected in that moment. These primaries are not about the best candidate for President, its about who has the best chance to "win". Did we forget the debacle in New Hampshire so quickly.

Right now there is this wave of young voters who support Obama and we are all getting caught up in this wave. Is he really the most suited and experienced candidate to be President in 2009? I don't think so. He is young, he has charisma and he is "non controversial" -- because he comes with no baggage (read NO EXPERIENCE)! Obama is the cute black poodle that we all like at the dog show. He just won a nice bow on his head of endorsements to show around. He will ride that wave right to the presidential nominations and blow Hillary out of the water. Why? Because the "polls" show more than 50% of the voters don't like Hillary Clinton. Then ofcourse he will blow John McCain out of the water because Republicans are scared of Obama but they could easily tackle Hillary.

So because the latest polls show Obama will "win" we all should join this Obama wave for change and vote for him! That is what it has boiled down to folks. We should vote for someone because he will win. Yes, I will certainly keep that high on my list when I visit the voting station, uhh.. maybe not, as this wave is so large we may not even see a primary in Oregon. And ofcourse he will win! He has made fewer mistakes. Why? because he has had no experience and history yet to make many mistakes. So no one can really point fingers at him. Thats a great reason to vote for someone. And the best reason for all -- the republicans will have an easier time blowing Hillary out of the water!!! They will unite against Hillary but fizzle against the mighty Obama!

There is no rhyme or logic behind this recent Obama wave. I just dont understand it. I like the guy, he is a great orater, polished, with presence. But will he be the greatest president? I don't think so. I think in 8 years maybe once he has some burn marks by being a Vice President.

And all of us who were rooting for Hillary and now are suddenly being "forced" to change our minds because "the country has spoken for Obama", should sit back and reflect. Hillary is a better and stronger candidate. She is controversial, but she has all the qualities to be a great President -- without Bill Clinton. Lets not get caught up in the quest for "the first black president" or "the first woman president", or for the matter put so much emphasis on change, that we forget why we need change in the first place. Lets not pick the "best in show" because this poodle is black with a bow on his head who can wag his tail better!

That folks is my opinion of the day. Kindly freely express your opinion about this topic in my comments box. They are not moderated as we live in a country of free speech. I would hope you will keep your comments focused on this subject. If you have an opinion to express I will be happy to post it on my blog. This is a blog for those who have an opinion, any opini0n for the matter.... Welcome to the no-spin free opinion zone!

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