Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hillary Wins West Virginia on Faith

"Its faith that got me West Virginia" said Hillary in her victory speech tonight. She climbed a mountain, but there are more to climb. There is all this talk about Obama nearing the finish line, the delegate lead, the 30% of popular vote he needs to cross. The pundits have declared him an almost winner again. Some super delegates have switched sides and deserted her. Can her faith get past Obama. I think so. Strong faith no matter what faith it is can bring tremendous positivity into ones life. I think if Hillary continues to put her heart above her head and continues to have strong faith - she can climb the next few mountains and she can beat Obama and McCain. All the faith to you Hillary - keep fighting.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Hillary's first Oregon Ad - Vote Hillary

I was just posting a comment on Blue Oregon and realized it made sense to post it here. It was about who really is best to be president.

Its great to make lofty speeches. They are powerful, compelling and inspiring especially when spoken from the heart. It shows that the person's heart is above their head or close to their head. That is what you need in a great President. That is how you build the warm courage to make bold decisions. Hillary has shown a lot of courage during those challenging years at the white house and through out her support of Bill. She sacrificed her career for Bill Clinton and now is ready to build a future for our country. Who else but her is the best to lead this nation. She has her heart above her head!

The campaign is in full swing. Here is the first ad from her in Oregon. With less than 3 weeks to primary and the ballots received in the mail.