Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama wins Wisconsin and WA

I was absorbed in fighting my own battles of daily life today, so had no time to check results of the super mini tuesday till just a few minutes ago. I caught the tail end of Larry King live and then on to Anderson 360 with his panel. He asked Paul Begala - "what is Hillary doing wrong". Paul came up with this really funny and poignant reply "She is losing". Yes, she is losing and she gotta fight back!

Another big night for Barak Obama according to Anderson. He won 58-41 in Wisconsin, and the 50-47 in WA. In total he is ahead by 60 delegates. Democrat strategists like Donna Barrize and David Gergen are saying she needs to change her speech writer, find her voice and feel she can still fight back. Clinton campaign needs to fight hard. She needs to exploit any weaknesses she can find and kick Obama's ass in the debate this Thursday and compete for votes. Is it too late - IT IS NEVER TOO LATE! According to Gergen and Donna, she cannot take anything for granted, she needs to come back to the country in a more emotional way, with a new message and inspire supporters she may have taken for granted to stay with her or come back to her. She is a fighter and tough and she really needs to get going on it. Paul Begala tells Larry King she needs to take Edward's message and draw it as a battering ram and differentiate from Obama.

On a final note, my thanks to Dan for posting a comment on the Obama's psychological profile piece. I have replied with a follow up. Please readers, I would really like some comments, opinions and conversations. There is much to be said and much to be written. I may come accross as a Hillary fanatic, but I do plan to support whoever is nominated from the democratic party. The battle has only started for the change from GWB.

And for those who feel my posts are goofy, yes they are meant to be goofy, controversial, opinionated, and provocative. We are all entitled to our opinions and I use this blog to expresss mine. I welcome comments on here about my posts.

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