Sunday, February 17, 2008

Danes are the happiest people on earth -- 60 minutes tonight

Morley Safer is doing a segment on Danish people. Recent research shows they are the most content people. Education and healthcare is free, there is no pressure in college, they are paid for parenting, subsidized child care and elderly care. They say they have "realistic expectations", 6 weeks of vacation, they love their beer and fish, but they pay 50% in taxes. Ben Shahar from Harvard University says we here in America feel that more is better, so we want it all. Over 90% of college students in the US are depressed and stressed. We are more stressed, overworked and unhappy. Americans could learn from the Danish on what happiness means, which is to be happy and have a lot of time with the family and less focus on money. Expectations folks reduces joy! Balance and realistic goals lead to more happiness. Add some yoga along with it and you have a winner.. Visit The Yogi'n Me to follow the journey of a Yogi's quest to achieve balance and happiness in his life.

Peace Out!

Click here to watch the 60 minutes segment.

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