Wednesday, March 12, 2008

An open letter to Hillary Clinton's Oregon Campaign

Immediately after Hillary's successful comeback on Super Tuesday II, Josh Kardon posted an inspiring post on Blue Oregon to Hillary's supporters to join in helping her win in Oregon. He posted an email address. I posted a comment applauding him and sent an email immediately offering my help. Its been several days - I am still waiting for a reply or someone to contact. One would have expected a quick reponse.

Its going to be a dog fight for Hillary to win in Oregon and she needs all the help she she can get between now and the Democratic primaries. If her campaign is going to show this sort of response, all bets are off. Obama will crush her. He already leads in the polls in Oregon. Am I wasting my time and energy on someone "who is going to lose!" because the people working for her are losers!

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Curtis said...

I'm definitely picking Hillary for President! I just heard today that the Clinton Campaign announced that Clay Haynes will serve as State Director, leading Hillary's efforts in Oregon.


Curtis in Eugene