Monday, March 17, 2008

Children need both parents - joint custody and shared parenting

Joint custody and shared parenting is the right of every child who is torn between two parents in a divorce. This is a systemic problem, especially severe in the state of Oregon - where one parent abuses the system by marginalizing the other. In majority of cases fathers are impacted. Please click on this button and vote for a change that is long overdue. Its in the best interest of the young silent voices who cry but can't speak and influence. Its time to end this insanity. PLEASE SUPPORT THIS ENDEAVOR.

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Anonymous said...

From a parent in Oregon with joint custody of my children with their father-I don't have physical custody of my children, but yes, this problem is not gender specific. A lot of single fathers I have met are just as "possessive" with their kids as women can be. Many times I have been made out to be the bad parent, never have I missed a visit, I am fully involved with my children's education and health. Unfortunately, spite from him is poisoning our children.